Our Services

Wentworth Advantage provides two core services:

1. HR Help Desk Service
2. HR Consulting Services

Our core HR Help Desk Service is supported by four additional management consulting services reflecting additonal expertise and capabilities that demonstrate our client focus and thought leadership.

Your dedicated HR Help Desk

The HR Help Desk comprises a team of experienced, degree qualified HR and workplace relations specialists. Protect your business by providing your Managers and Members with the benefit of having access to expert workplace advice & online resources. Tap into the most comprehensive workplace relations support service in the country, comprising of the following five integrated services:

  • Workplace Relations

    Australia’s federal & state workplace relations system has a complex set of rules and obligations that all employers & employees are required to follow. Our HR Help Desk focuses on providing both human resource and industrial relations support. To ensure the best protection for clients, the service amalgamates the joint expertise of Wentworth Advantage’s experienced workplace relations advisors with the employment law team at HWL Ebsworth, a leading global law firm.

  • Accidents and Safety

    Good businesses focus on work health and safety (WHS) as they know it’s vital to keep workers safe and comply with the WHS laws. Use the HR Help Desk to implement compliant WHS Policies and Procedures, WHS Risk Management processes, Consultation processes and a full WHS training package.

  • Training and Development

    Research shows that a majority of people leave their jobs not because they don’t like the work they do, but because they don’t get on with their boss. Managers have a responsibility to consider the impact they have on their staff. Our e-learning management training program, Essential Management TV©, has been designed to provide Managers with the basic, but essential skills necessary to effectively manage & motivate staff.

  • Employee Wellbeing

    Australia is currently witnessing a significant increase in the burden of chronic physical and mental disease. Workplaces everywhere are feeling the impact. Wentworth Advantage’s HR Help Desk in partnership with several well-respected healthcare providers, make available to you our Employee Wellbeing service. The service provides preventative and proactive interventions for the early detection and resolution of work and personal problems. With most Australians spending about one third of their lives at work, it simply makes good business sense.

  • Reconciliation and Mediation

    Conflict in the workplace is inevitable and should be resolved as soon as possible. Workplace conflict can lead to downturns in productivity and increases in absenteeism. Support for managing conflict is essential for anyone who works in a team, interacts directly with customers or who has a managerial role in an organisation. The HR Help Desk supports users to identify the source of conflict, resolving it quickly and professionally.

HR Consulting Services

  • Employment Law Payroll Audits

    With recent legislative changes and high-profile non-compliance cases, prioritising compliance with employment legislation is more crucial than ever. Our tailored approach goes beyond standard financial calculations to ensure alignment with the Fair Work Act 2009 and modern awards, safeguarding your organisation against risks and penalties. 
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  • HR Onsite

    The HR Onsite service is your solution to managing your growing business. By combining both onsite and offsite HR support, this program is highly cost-effective and operationally efficient; protecting your business and lifting the performance of your staff.
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  • Remuneration+

    Many companies struggle to attract and retain top talent. One of the most common reasons is that they don’t secure the right advice & support in developing a competitive pay structure.
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  • Workplace Relations+

    Industrial relations (IR) in Australia is complex. Medium - large organisations seeking high level, strategic IR support and advice can't go past the Wentworth Advantage Workplace Relations+ service. 
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  • WHS+

    Safeguard your business from penalties and fines due to non compliance of safety legislation by tapping into the WHS+ service. Our expert safety consultants will work with you to help protect your business by improving its WHS systems and processes.
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Our solutions

Your employees come first and if you treat your employees right, guess what? Your customers come back, and that makes all your stakeholders happy. Start with employees and the rest follows from that. Whether you're a small business, an association with members who run their own small businesses, or a large organisation with Managers geographically dispersed around the state or country; our dedicated HR Help Desk service means that an HR expert is just a phone call or email away.